SSH Factory for .NET

SSH .NET and SFTP .NET Components

SSH Factory for .NET is a set of .NET based client components for communicating with SSH servers. SSH Factory for .NET includes both SSH and SFTP (SFTP over SSH) components.

Developers will appreciate the easy-to-use API making it possible to securely exchange data with a remote server using just a few lines of code.

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Example Uses

  • Securely transfer files using SFTP
  • Improve efficiency and reduce network down time by automating router configuration tasks
  • Save time by creating scripts to automate user creation, deletion and password management tasks
  • Simplify complex remote procedures using task automation

Feature Summary

  • Includes both SSH and SFTP (SFTP over SSH) components
  • Comprehensive API for building and automating tasks
  • Define connection timeout limit for detecting remote servers that are unavailable 
  • Transfer data securely using industry standard encryption algorithms (SSH)
  • Define complex task prompts using regular expresions for use in process automation
  • Ability to assign one or or more subscribers to any events published
  • Ability to stream data exchanged between the client and server to a file
  • 100% managed C# written from the ground up with no dependencies on third party libraries
  • Redistribute the included components as part of your application without runtime or royalty fees (see license for details)