OpenPGP Encryption

On JSCAPE MFT Server, OpenPGP file encryption is primarily used for preserving the confidentiality of files stored on the server. If either the hard drive or the entire server is breached or even stolen, the data on those files will remain protected.

In addition, when an OpenPGP-encrypted file is downloaded from the server, the encryption adds a layer of security while the files go through the network. If the protocol used for downloading lacks a data-in-motion encryption mechanism (as in FTP), then OpenPGP serves that purpose. If the protocol does have that mechanism (as in FTPS’ SSL or SFTP’s SSH), then OpenPGP encryption acts as a second layer of protection.

Because OpenPGP is a widely used encryption standard, it will be easy for you and your trading partners to agree on a common encryption solution.

Features and Benefits

bullet square blue Data-at-rest encryption - Keeps the contents of files confidential even if the server is compromised.

bullet square blue Additional encryption for data-in-motion - Provides an additional layer of protection to the file transfer protocol being used even when the file is in transit.

bullet square blue Open standard - Being an open standard, its development is subjected to intense scrutiny from various sectors who make sure that the finished product is very reliable.

bullet square blue Digital certificates - Allows sharing parties to verify the authenticity of public keys and prevent information from getting sent to the wrong person.

bullet square blue Automation - JSCAPE MFT Server allows you to automate various processes that involve OpenPGP encryption, significantly simplifying an otherwise sophisticated solution that may discourage non-technical end users.

bullet square blueOpenPGP keys management - JSCAPE MFT Server Manager already has a built-in module where you can easily generate, import, and export OpenPGP keys.

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