Quick Start Package

Quick Start is a professional services offering from the team at JSCAPE which allows organizations to rapidly deploy JSCAPE MFT Server.  As part of the Quick Start Package you will be assigned a dedicated JSCAPE engineer who will install and configure JSCAPE MFT Server on a server of your choice following best practices and according to your business requirements.

For more information or to schedule a JSCAPE MFT Server installation, email or call +1.786.375.8091.

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What's Included

  • Remote installation session using telephone and web conferencing software.
  • Download and installation of latest production version of software.
  • Identify and setup desired file transfer protocols.
  • Configure server for optimal memory usage.
  • Installation of policy files allowing for usage of strong encryption ciphers.
  • Identify and set minimum password compliance preferences.
  • Configure server to automatically detect and block brute force password attacks.
  • Enable strong encryption ciphers for desired file transfer protocols.
  • Establish client connections for each file transfer protocol to verify successful installation and configuration.
  • Configuration and testing of one (1) MFT workflow containing up to two (2) triggers utilizing available actions.


  • Save Time - You will be up and running quickly with remote software installation by an expert JSCAPE engineer.
  • Knowledge Transfer - Receive expert advice on additional server capabilities and configuration options from managed file transfer professionals. 
  • Security and Efficiency - Software will be configured using best practices to ensure software performs with the highest level of security and efficiency.

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