JSCAPE MFT Server (Patch)

Posted by John Carl Villanueva on May 26, 2020 3:26:34 AM

JSCAPE MFT Server Patch was released to address the following issues:

- FTPSERVER-4760: Upload failure when upload form set to Batch mode
- FTPSERVER-4773: Remaining "Current Time" event triggers are queued when they execute at the same time and the previous trigger failed
- FTPSERVER-4774: JSCAPE MFT Server fails to start when a domain is configured with database logging and the database containing the LOG table can't be reached
- FTPSERVER-4790: Multiple active synchronized nodes and issue with writing concurrently to the same domain log file
- FTPSERVER-4800: Null pointer exception > On creating a trigger through REST API without description field returns success. After creating the trigger Login into > Admin Console Navigating to > Triggers return Null pointer exception
- FTPSERVER-4801: SFTP service configured with "password AND publickey" authentication is incompatible with the OpenSSH SFTP command line client

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