JSCAPE MFT Server 12.1.4 (Patch)

Updated by John Carl Villanueva on

JSCAPE MFT Server Patch 12.1.4 was released to address the following issues:

- FTPSERVER-5028: Error when synchronizing Windows agent and Amazon S3

- FTPSERVER-5033: "HTTPS is not enabled for this domain/service." error when client's IP is locked or if "IP Access" rules are empty

- FTPSERVER-5034: Issues with relative paths and prepended forward slashes in Trading Partner actions, Directory Monitors and related events

- FTPSERVER-5037: Can't connect to SMB Network Storage if SMB1 protocol is disabled on the server
- added required library licenses
- updated third-party libraries with vulnerability fixes
- unneeded libraries removed (tools-1.5.0.jar)

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