Secure FTP Hosting and Email Large Files

MFTExpress offers secure online storage space that can be accessed using FTPS, SFTP and HTTPS file transfer protocols. Store files on MFTExpress and easily share them via email with your clients and co-workers using our unique ad-hoc file transfer service.

Each account comes with a free 7 day trial, zero-installation web based file transfer client, ability to create sub-accounts, and several GB of bandwidth and storage space.

Feature Summary

  • Free Account Setup - Your account will be setup with a free 7 day trial.
  • 24x7 Technical Support - 24x7 web-based technical support available when you need it.
  • World Class Data Center - Connected to multiple diverse upstream providers totaling 9 Gbps of Tier-1 Internet Bandwidth. 24x7 Network Operations Center and on-site security. Advanced fire protection, suppression and detection systems.
  • Zero Software Installation - Absolutely no client or server software to install. All file transfers can be accomplished using nothing but your browser.
  • Web File Transfer Client - Reduces your costs significantly. No client software installation means reduced software and administration costs, as well as a simplified file transfer process. Only a web browser is needed to begin transferring files securely. Additionally, using an integrated web client eliminates strict internal firewall policy worries since most organizations do not restrict web based traffic.
  • FTPS (FTP over SSL) - Support for both explicit SSL (port 21) and implicit SSL (port 990) FTPS protocols ensures secure data transfer.
  • SFTP/SCP - Support for SFTP ensures secure data transfer.
  • Email Large Files - Easily share files in your account using nothing more than an email address.
  • Private Jailed Accounts - Each account has its own private directory structure and permissions that cannot be seen by other users.
  • Data Protection - Your sensitive data is always protected during transit using high-grade encryption technologies.
  • Java Applet File Transfer Client - Transfer entire directories from your web browser without installing any software.
  • Public Key Authentication - Public key authentication enables users to authenticate using a username and private key known only to the user. This private key may or may not be protected with a password.
  • ZIP Upload - Easily ZIP compress one or more directories into a single file and upload to server saving time, bandwidth and storage space. This feature is available in embedded Java applet interface only.