JSCAPE MFT Server 12.1.3 (Patch)

Updated by John Carl Villanueva on

JSCAPE MFT Server Patch 12.1.3 was released to address the following issue:

- FTPSERVER-5012: Skipped trigger execution for "Current Time" event type triggers executing at the same time when one trigger fails

- FTPSERVER-5022: "Operation not allowed! Current administrator has no required permissions." error during saving of a trigger when a field in one of the actions is set to a UNC path

- FTPSERVER-5024: Return key exits trigger description

- FTPSERVER-5026: Trigger Actions - Edit button become active but not functioning

- FTPSERVER-5027: SFTP trading partner configured with working server key or key file does not work within a trading partner trigger action

- Extended Directory Monitor logging which can be turned on by adding 'com.jscape.inet.mftserver.operation.monitor.level=FINEST' to the etc/server-log.properties file

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