JSCAPE MFT Server (Patch)

Posted by John Carl Villanueva on Jan 30, 2020 8:23:47 PM

JSCAPE MFT Server Patch was released to address the following issues:

- FTPSERVER-4636: Role based user unable to see Users even with proper permissions
- FTPSERVER-4642: Generated client keys not populated at 'Add/Edit' user popup dialog under 'Client Keys' section.
- FTPSERVER-4643: Unable to access 'Time Access' module for role based domain even though 'Read/Write' permissions allowed
- FTPSERVER-4645: Trigger condition override not saving correctly
- FTPSERVER-4620: OFTP Messages module visible when AS2 Messages permissions granted
- FTPSERVER-4650: Check for presence of strong ciphers during installation and update definitions for Weak, Medium, Strong

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