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Posted by John Carl Villanueva on Aug 4, 2019 5:37:30 AM

Patch and were released to address the following issues:

  • FTPSERVER-4401: Domain admin unable to change users passwords
  • FTPSERVER-4420: Domain administrator can't change passwords for owned users if their account has "Allow Password Change" disabled
  • FTPSERVER-4424: Buttons are not displayed properly on the Clients web interface
  • FTPSERVER-4431: Manual failover sync ("Synchronize State" button) does not take into account the state of the "Start domain/services after synchronization" option
  • FTPSERVER-4436: Java Management API examples are not working

  • FTPSERVER-4440 - User Reports -> 'Allow user password change' option in 'Domain administration' section


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