The JSCAPE Cares initiative seeks to raise the level and quality of corporate giving by allowing our employees to choose the charities we support.  We believe our commitment to social responsibility through philanthropy is strengthened by giving employees the power to chose organizations they feel make a difference.    

JSCAPE is proud to support the following employee chosen organizations:

Friends of the Osa (FOO) is a nonprofit conservation organization founded to protect the Osa Peninsula's globally significant biodiversity which comprises a large amount of Costa Rica's wildlife. We actively conserve 4,200 acres of Costa Rican rain forest through direct land stewardship, and operate the Osa Biodiversity Center.

Pedals for Progress supplies recycled bicycles and sewing machines from the US to developing nations.  The bikes are adapted for use as trash haulers, produce trucks, taxis, and farm machinery. Some municipalities even sponsor recreational cycling programs, making bikes available to all who care to participate.

Zakat Foundation of America is a US based international charity foundation working to provide emergency relief, education, health care, sustainable development and micro credit programs.