Hosted Managed File Transfer

MFTExpress offers a hosted version of our MFT Server product in a secure AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment with a variety of plans to meet your needs, all with no setup fees and no long term contractsSchedule a free consultation with one of our sales engineers to help select the plan that is right for you.


Feature Professional Enterprise Enterprise Plus
Support for all major file transfer protocols including FTP/S, SFTP,HTTP/S and TFTP check-1.png check-1.png check-1.png
Technical Support (Help Desk) Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm CST 24/5 24/5
Maximum number of user accounts / concurrent connections  250 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum number of domains 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Data Storage (GB)  100 250 500
Bandwidth (Monthly Downloads) GB  100 250 500
Bandwidth (Monthly Uploads) GB  100 Unlimited Unlimited
Additional Bandwidth Fee / GB $0.25  $0.25  $0.25
Additional Monthly Storage Fee / 100GB $25  $25 $25
Memory (GB)  4 8 16
Virtual CPU  2 2 4
Automated backups  Weekly Daily Daily
Encrypted file system for data-at-rest protection  check-1.png  check-1.png  check-1.png
User authentication using 3rd party repositories (database, LDAP, Active Directory, SSO)  check-1.png  check-1.png  check-1.png
Integration using RESTful web services for administration and client file transfers  check-1.png  check-1.png  check-1.png
Web based administration and file transfer clients with zero software installation required  check-1.png  check-1.png  check-1.png
Automate file transfers and business processes with trading partners  check-1.png  check-1.png  check-1.png
OpenPGP encryption and decryption support  check-1.png  check-1.png  check-1.png
Public key (SFTP) and client certificate (TLS) authentication support  check-1.png  check-1.png  check-1.png
Brute force password attack detection and mitigation capabilities  check-1.png  check-1.png  check-1.png
Person-to-person ad-hoc file transfers   check-1.png check-1.png
Accelerated File Transfer using AFTP protocol    check-1.png  check-1.png
AS2 (Drummond Certified) and OFTP (ODETTE Tested) protocol support for EDI file transfers    check-1.png  check-1.png
Mobile file transfer client (Android/iOS)    check-1.png  check-1.png
Indexing, tagging and search capabilities    check-1.png  check-1.png
Network DLP (Data Loss Protection) support    check-1.png  check-1.png
Clustering / high-availability     contact for pricing
24/7 Technical Support (Help Desk & Phone)     contact for pricing
Fully managed     contact for pricing
Monthly Rate (Prepaid Annual)  $399.00 $749.00 $1199.00
Monthly Rate  $449.00  $849.00  $1349.00