AnyClient 4.0 Offers Support for Amazon S3

Posted by Van Glass on Mon, Oct 31, 2011 @ 03:32 PM

amazon s3 clientJSCAPE, a leading supplier of managed file transfer software and networking solutions, recently released version 4.0 of AnyClient, the company’s free file transfer client.

One feature that stands out in AnyClient 4.0 is its new support for the Amazon S3 protocol. This allows users who have Amazon Web Services accounts to connect to AWS, navigate through buckets, folders, and objects, and upload or download files.  

Last October 4, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that there were already 566 billion objects in S3. That’s double the number they had 9 months earlier.

"There’s obviously a rapidly growing demand for cloud storage and computing, and more people will be looking for the most versatile file transfer tool to bring their files up to the cloud or down from it," said Van Glass JSCAPE CEO. "AnyClient 4.0 is just in time to meet that demand."

Also accompanying this latest version is an online documentation, support for automatic updates, and improved performance and usability in the AnyClient GUI.

AnyClient is a platform-independent client that allows users to transfer files using a wide selection of protocols. Prior to version 4.0, AnyClient already supported FTP, SFTP/SSH, FTP/Implicit SSL, FTP/SSL (AUTH TLS), WebDAV, and AFTP (TCP and UDP).

Van added, "Many people no longer just store files in their laptops or desktops. In this highly networked society, you normally have files on different servers and service providers, each using different protocols. We want people to connect to all of them from practically any operating system using just one client. Each version of AnyClient brings us a step closer to that objective."

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