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How to Reverse Proxy FTP In 3 Simple Steps

Posted by John Carl Villanueva on Fri, Jul 11, 2014 @ 07:42 PM


Do you have an FTP server behind the firewall that you need to make accessible via the Internet?  Here is a short tutorial on how to setup a reverse proxy to your FTP service using JSCAPE MFT Gateway as shown in Figure 1.


Before we begin you will need to download and install an instance of JSCAPE MFT Gateway.  Once ready, proceed to Step 1.

Figure 1

reverse proxy ftp resized 600


Step 1: Navigate to Services and click the Add button. 


Figure 2

add ftp service to reverse proxy


Step 2: Select FTP from the Protocol drop-down list.


Figure 3

select ftp protocol for reverse proxy


Step 3: Specify the following service parameters and then click the Add button. 

Local host and port - The listening IP address and port for FTP service on your JSCAPE MFT Gateway instance.

Remote host - The IP address and port number of your target FTP server.  This will be used by JSCAPE MFT Gateway to establish a reverse proxy connection.


Figure 4

ftp reverse proxy service parameters


Once complete the FTP reverse proxy service will be displayed in your Services panel.  See Figure 5.


Figure 5


newly added ftp reverse proxy service


To connect to your FTP service via the reverse proxy fire up your FTP client and connect to the listening IP address and port of JSCAPE MFT Gateway defined in Step 3.  For a more detailed discussion on how to reverse proxy FTP services, please read the article How to Setup a FTP Reverse Proxy.

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